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Forum » Bible study » My favorite place in the Bible » The Gospel of Yochanon (John) (The highest most divine gift of love for you and me.)
The Gospel of Yochanon (John)
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" God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." (John 3:16-17).

People may ask (usually other Jews), how I as a Jew could possibly ever have believed a statement such as the Gospel, stated above. Truly, I can't blame them for having asked me those questions. After all, why would I have ever believed that Yeshua was given to the world, that God planned for Yeshua to come to us as the most loving of gifts in order to save us from the impossiblity of experiencing God's salvation without the forgiveness of Yeshua.

I can't speak for anyone else on earth. I will speak for myself. I AM SAVED and I received TOTAL FORGIVENESS through Yeshua's Sacrifice for all of us on the cross. And this change happened to me in an instant. Have you ever experienced huge, gigantic changes in your life, in an instant knowing that you were no longer the same person, and that your vision of the world was no longer the same? And then did you realize that most people around you believed that you were now crazy for your experiences?

I was a broken man, all of my efforts to keep things the same in my life were in vain. I had lost many worldly possessions, .my career, my family, my social status. Why did I suffer such loss? The answer is complex as well as simple. I was living a life of sin. As a result of my past sins I was condemned by the world, rightfully so. However, all throughout my life I had never felt truly forgiven for my sins, for my errors in judgment, at best, I felt "tolerated," by the world. Hmmmm, have you ever felt that way? Every day as well as every year on Yom Kippur, I asked God for his forgiveness. I begged, I prayed, I cajoled, I fasted, I gave tzedakah and yet I rarely felt forgiven, and never completely forgiven.

And now I have felt completely forgiven since becoming a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) our Jewish Messiah. He taught many other Jews, many of who became completely forgiven through the death of Yeshua, and then through his resurrection, for they too became believers in God's plan for our choseness as Jewish believers. My world has never been the same since I read the Gospel of Jochanon, finding myself in an ocean of tears and joy, experiencing the phenomenon of being "Born" as a believer. One night in my bedroom approximately 4 years ago, my universe was permanently altered by the presence of Lord Yeshua in my life. Soon, I went to the mikvah and was immersed in the Living Water of Yeshua's salvation. Yet, alas--

I still understand that most of you will not, and you cannot believe my words, because you cannot relate. Let's continue with an example of what I mean.

Imagine the experience of a soldier in WWII on D-Day landing on the beach heads of Normandy! Was his world ever the same again. It was changed forever.
Imagine a Vietnam Vet, witnessing his friends being killed in war. Imagine our friends experiences in the Persian Gulf Wars...they are driving and an EOD kills everyone in his truck and he is irreparably wounded. Is his world ever the same again?? NO.

We may try to say that "we understand" the plight or the past memories of a veteran." Honest, if it prevails would force each of us to admit that unless we were in their places, having lived through war, NONE OF US can understand. It therefore so lonely for a soldier returning to CIVILIZATION because noone can really understand what the soldier has lived through, unless the other man or woman is also a soldier.

And thus for each of you who have not yet become believers in Yeshua, until you step off of that plain in Baghdad, in Saigon, in Kabul, or in Tel Aviv, you will not understand my testimony because it is not your experience. However, JUST AS EACH SOLDIER WHO BRINGS HOME A TRUE STORY OF WAR, JUST AS EVERY SURVIVOR OF THE HOLOCAUST HAS WITNESSED, AND JUST AS EVERY JEWISH BELIEVER OF MESSIAH YESHUA CAN TELL YOU, SUCH IS THE TRANSFORMING MOMENT THAT EACH OF US HAS EMBRACED. THEY ARE TRUE STORIES OF SALVATION, JUST AS THE SOLDIER SHARES THEIR TRUE STORIES OF DESTRUCTION.


My life was broken, destroyed through my sin until I found Yeshua. Yeshua is my Messiah, the very JOY of my life. I have given my life to Yeshua, I believe and trust in him COMPLETELY.
Forum » Bible study » My favorite place in the Bible » The Gospel of Yochanon (John) (The highest most divine gift of love for you and me.)
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