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Main » Articles » The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Habit # 4: Congregational Integration

Habit # 4:
Congregational Integration

The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Repeating the Series Theme:
Discipline is an active pursuit toward personal development.
Spiritual Discipline is living out G-d's expectations for his people to learn of him
and to actively accustom themselves to living their lives his way!

The fourth spiritual habit is Congregational Integration. Just showing up for services is insufficient for spiritual maturity. You must be committed to the community, its purpose, programs and people. Having just a superficial connection to a congregation will never allow you to become a unified and useful part of the community; you will not be able to be raised up to areas of service, responsibility and leadership.

Big Idea: G-d calls us to be actively connected to our congregations!

Integrate: to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole; to unite.

1) What is the Pre-Messiah Yeshua Model of Effective Congregational Integration?

a. Deuteronomy 31:24-29 - Moses told the Levites to teach the people G-d's Torah

b. Nehemiah 9:1-3 - An Assembly for Public Teaching and Confession

2) What is the Post- Messiah Yeshua Model of Effective Congregational Integration?

a. Acts 2:42-47 - Early example

b. Acts 18:1-11 - Diaspora Example

c. Acts 21:15-26 - Jewish Example

3) How do the Scriptures describe Congregational Involvement?

a. It is Required
* Leviticus 23:1-4 - The Shabbat & Holidays are times of required gathering
* Hebrews 10:24-25 - Congregational Meetings are required for encouragement

b. It is Unifying
* 1 Corinthians 1:13 - Pursuing a Common Purpose in Messiah Yeshua
* Ephesians 4:1-6 - Living out humble unity within community

c. It is Encouraging
* Romans 15:1-3 - Focusing on the needs of others and not our own desires; service
* 1 Timothy 4:11-16 - A Place to Learn and teach the Scriptures

4) Dangers to Congregational Integration

a. Compartmentalization - Spiritual Hypocrisy

b. Personal Autonomy - Spiritual Anarchy

5) Our Congregational Purpose - Hand Out the Statement

a. What does Congregational Integration look like to you?

b. What are 5 "no-brainer" characteristics of a committed congregant?

Application: Congregations today are in desperate need of people who demonstrate their commitment to G-d through their commitment to their local community of believers. Which congregation are you committed to being a part of, and how involved are you?
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