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Main » Articles » The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Habit # 3: Deliberating Prayer

Habit # 3:
Deliberating Prayer

The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Repeating the Series Theme:
Discipline is an active pursuit toward personal development.
Spiritual Discipline is living out G-d's expectations for his people to learn of him
and to actively accustom themselves to living their lives his way!

The third spiritual habit is Deliberating Prayer. Setting aside specific time each day for intentional, unhurried and well thought out prayer is a sign of a maturing faith. If we really believe the Scriptures teaching to take our concerns to G-d, then we must make prayer a clear priority in our schedule, both personal prayer as well as communal prayer with others.

Big Idea: G-d expects us to prioritize intentional prayer!

1) How do the Scriptures describe Deliberating Prayer?

a) It is Relational (relax and unhurried in the presence of G-d)

- Genesis 3:8-10, 5:21-24 - Walking with G-d
- Psalm 23 - Being Encouraged by G-d
- Matthew 26:38-42 - Being Strengthened by G-d

b) It is Intercessional (this requires personal humility and selflessness)

- Genesis 25:21 - interceding on behalf of spouses
- Numbers 14:11-20 - Interceding on behalf of unbelievers
- Matthew 5:43-44 - Interceding on behalf of enemies

c) It is Tenacious

- 1 Kings 18:42-46 - Don't give up
- Daniel 9:1-5, 20-23 - Pray with Passion and Repentance
- Luke 18:1-8 - Pray with Expectation for G-d to act
- Acts 9:10-19 - Pray for personal needs and personal restoration

d) It is Frequent

- Psalm 88:1 - Daily
- Daniel 6:10 - Regularly and consistently - They could set a clock by Daniel
- 1 Thessalonians 5:17 - Without pausing! Maintaining an attitude of prayer

2) What are Scriptural Models of Prayer

a) Individual Personal Prayer - Genesis 12:8; Psalm 5:1-3; Matthew 6:5-15 Individual prayer can be done anywhere, anytime; we must consider our motivations and also check to be sure our relationships are right; sin blocks our prayer

b) Communal Group Prayer - Lev 23:1-3; Esther 4:16; Matt 18:20; Acts 12:11-12; James 5:13-16
There is power in communal prayer; we are commanded to pray together and to pray for one another in groups.

3) What blocks our prayer - Sin! - Psalm 66:18; James 5:13-16

4) A Model to Adopt for Effective Prayer

The following is a plan you can follow in your prayer time which follows the simple acronym ACTS:

Adoration - Praising G-d for what you appreciate about Him

Confession - Agreeing with G-d that you have sinned and done wrong

Thanksgiving - Telling G-d thanks for the things He has done for you

Supplication - Asking G-d for specific requests regarding yourself and others

Some people use a list to help them keep track of their prayer requests. Others use a diary or journal. These are helpful tools to keep track not only of the requests you wish to talk with G-d about, but they also can bring great encouragement as you see G-d answer your prayers over time.

Application: Often we fall into the habit of taking our concerns to others without really wrestling with G-d about them ourselves. In reality we seek the comfort of others instead of the comfort of G-d.
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