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Main » Articles » The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Habit # 1: Humble Teachability

Habit # 1:
Humble Teachability

The Seven Spiritual Habits of a Maturing Messianic Jewish Faith

Repeating the Series Theme:
Discipline is an active pursuit toward personal development.
Spiritual Discipline is living out G-d's expectations for his people to learn of him
and to actively accustom themselves to living their lives his way!

Illustration: Pharaoh and his hard heart; Israel's heart also was hard and G-d challenges us to have a heart soft toward him and his Instructions - Zechariah 7:12

Big Idea: G-d expects us to have a right understanding of who we are and to willingly and respectfully learn all that G-d desires to teach us.

What is Humility?

* Being able to take life without raising your voice and getting upset- Steve Moskovitz

* A right understanding of ourselves

- Genesis 2:7

- Proverbs 3:5-6

- Romans 12:3; 16

What is Teachability?

* The willingness to learn: to acknowledge our own shortcoming and our own need to better our own ways.

* Respecting G-d and Respecting his Authorities

- Exodus 20:12

- Proverbs 1:7 & 8

- Ephesians 4:11-13

- Titus 1:5, 2:15-3:1

What Keeps us from being Humbly Teachable?

* "Our Autonomous Self" \ Arrogance \ "I Know"

- Arrogance - an exaggerated understanding of one's own worth and position

* "Fear of Change" \ Ignorance \ "I don't want to Know"

- Ignorance - the lack of knowledge due to inadequate education or due to a refusal to take notice.

* "Been there, Done that" \ Disappointment \ "I have tried to Know"

- Disappointment - frustration with past failures which inhibit future efforts

What are some Scriptural characters who were Humbly Teachable?

* Joseph: Genesis 37-50 - A Life of Humility and Teachability despite his Setbacks

- Notice the pattern of his always doing good despite his setbacks, and his life being an obvious witness of G-d presence in his life - 39:1-4; 20-23;

* David with Nathan - After David's great sin he submitted to godly confrontation

- Nathan confronts the king about his sin and he repents - 2 Sam 12:1-13; Proverbs 27:6

* Zakkai (Zacchaeus) - he learned from Yeshua and he changed his life because of it

- He went to learn from Yeshua and he acted on what he learned, even to his own financial detriment. Luke 19:1-10

What helps us to become Humbly Teachable?

* Trusting in G-d despite life's setbacks

* Allowing others to speak into our lives even if it is painful

* Learning of G-d and his ways even if it costs us
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